Solo staking, your keys your ETH

Follow four easy steps to start your staking. Our servers are hosted in a Swiss data center; we provide installation, configuration, security, required upgrades, monitoring, and enterprise security tools as suggested by for Solo and SaaS staking, giving you sole ownership of your ETH.

Step 1

Get your 32 Eth and sign the contact

Step 1.1

Verify that you have 32 ETH in a wallet that you fully control and for which you have stored the seed phrase in a secure place.


Step 1.2

Check and digitally sign the ChainLabo contract, choosing the payment terms and method that are most convenient to you.

Step 2

Videocall with chainLabo

Step 2.1

Schedule your web call with the ChainLabo team, making sure you have an hour of uninterrupted time, a connected PC, and access to your wallet

Step 2.2

In starting the Ethereum Launchpad procedure (

Step 2.3

Be guided by your personal ChainLabo mentor:

When creating the Secret Recovery Phrase, which only you will know and which you will need to keep in a secure place.

Step 2.4

Generating the two encrypted files "Keystore" and "Deposit Data" from your Secret Recovery Phrase, which are needed to activate the validator

Step 3

Sign the smart contract on using your keys

Step 3.1

Use the "Deposit Data" file to sign the Ethereum blockchain's smart contract and initiate the deposit and binding transaction of your 32 ETH into your validator

Step 3.2

Send ChainLabo the encrypted "Keystore" file and a wallet address that you fully control and for which you have stored the seed phrase.

This is the address where all the rewards from your validator will be definitively sent by the Ethereum blockchain

Step 4

Wait for the activation and then get the reward

Step 4.1

Follow the validator activation process (approximately 1-3 days) directly from the official Beaconchain website (

Step 4.2

Real-time monitor the performance of YOUR validator with YOUR execution and consensus rewards.

For any needs, you can always contact the ChainLabo team and your Personal Mentor!


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